We are experts in the development of industrial processes and their implementation in both new and existing industries.

We work close to our customers providing management services for their technical departments outsourcing the services required, this strategy allows them a high management quality of services with the proper costs.

Our experience supports us as a reference company in the Integral Management of Projects from Design, Project, Project Management to the Management of any legal Authorization (building licenses, activity license, start-up and operation, Industry legalizations, Healthcare, Agriculture and Environment), project Evaluations and Appraisals.

In the same way we develop a service of Management Suppliers where we carry out an exclusive and innovative service that allows us to achieve great savings for our clients in the investments. We manage investment aid, feasibility studies, energy savings, business studies, environmental impact studies, integrated environmental, environmental reports, etc.

AC Ingenieros have all the most advanced technologies, procedures and techniques for the conception, development of the project and field application.


AC Ingenieros is made up of a Multidisciplinary Work Team formed by Superior Industrial Engineers, Agronomists, Architects, Technical Engineers, Technical Architects and Draughtsmen, distributed in the following Work Areas:

  • Design-Feasibility
  • Engineering
  • Technical Consulting
  • Aid Management-Grants
  • Processing Authorizations
  • Environment